'Anata, Hizma, Qalandiya, Fri 24.4.09, Morning

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Michal C., Mili M. (reporting)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

 7. 10 Qalandiya
Very quiet, no lines in front of the external turnstiles, there is some wait at the internal ones, as one man said: the soldier lets two people get tha\rought and then she stops to rest. People say to us that our presence on Friday is not needed, according to them we should have come yesterday, there was a big crowd.
The soldier at the glass booth lying on her back and occasionally falls asleep. People who are turned back do not know how to get out of the terminal, there is no one (but us ) to tell help them.
7. 55 We went back through Hizme,  it was very quiet and so was the CP in Anata, no pedestrians, there were a few cars that were checked thoroughly, but it was done swiftly