Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Fri 1.5.09, Morning

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Ofra T., Orit D., Michal W. - reporting

Translation: Hanna K.

09:25 Beit Furik
The soldiers of a paratrooper brigade are posted here. The soldier on the spot reported to us that the CP is now intended for cars only.

09:45 Huwarra

Two busses, one on its way to Jericho and the other to Betlehem, are stopped. In each of them there is a passenger which according to the soldiers is "Bingo" - that's to say included in the list of men that have to be detained and have to be inspected when they pass the CP.
We asked the CP commander, an officer with the rank of lieutenant, why the men were detained. The officer told us that he can't tell us the reason and added that he passes their details on for checking, and if everything will be alright they will be released. The two  detaineesinfo-icon were in the concrete construction on the left. The DCO representative also arrived.

At 10:15 the detainee who was on his way to Jericho was released and the bus went on its way.
The detainee who was on his way to Betlehem didn't get the authorization to pass the CP and returned home.

At the car CP there were 8 cars and one post with three soldiers.
At 10:00 there was a congestion. Although there were other soldiers in the area, they did not man another work station. The cars were detained for an average of 6 minutes , and in some cases the soldiers opened the trunk of the car.

10:10 3 cars with a yellow plate in which there were Palestinians from Jerusalem who were on their way to console bereaved persons were detained. They could have driven via Shavey Shomron, but chose to go via Huwarra, as they were in a haste and this is a shorter way. One of the cars passed and the other cars were detained.

10:30 When we arrived to the Za'tara\Tapuah junction we saw that they again detained the bus which was on its way to Jericho. We talked to the commander on the spot and said that the bus had already been examined. The commander said that at each CP one looks for something else, and that the checking would take a few minutes only.

10:40 The bus was released.