Deir Sharaf, Tue 28.4.09, Afternoon

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Devorkah O., Bruria R. (reporting); Trans. Judith Green

Te'enim passage, Childrens' Checkpoint 
The soldiers opened the gate for us after checking our identity. At the Childrens' checkpoint there was very light traffic.  The 4 soldiers at the checkpoint "ganged up" on a poor Palestinian who was returning home and was holding an out of date permit. He said that he frequently goes through with this permit for eye doctor appointments.  After a telephone clarification, inspection of his bag and endless questions, he is ordered to stand on the side while a discussion takes place in which it is said that there was a telephone order to allow him to pass and that he is released, with an order to renew his permit.

Anabta checkpoint

When we arrived, there were about 20 cars waiting,  We approache the inspection area and saw that they were stopping every car and doing a thorough search.  They inspected the minibuses in their baggage compartments, including all the bags.  So, a long line was created of dozens of cars.  When we spoke to the soldiers and suggested they open another lane, we were answered with silence.  They were simply deaf and dumb.  We called the Hotline and they promised to deal with the matter.  On our way out, when we were no longer in sight of the soldiers, we saw that the line began to move and the cars, including the minibuses, were going through without inspection.  Apparently, they punished the Palestinians because of the presence of the MachsomWatch women.

Deir Sharaf (Barrels checkpoint)

Not much traffic, cars go through quickly.


5:25 Qalqiliya checkpoint
cars go through with no inspection.