'Anata, 'Atarot, Qalandiya, Thu 14.5.09, Afternoon

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Rahel W. guests: rabbinical students from US

It was the day of the Naqhba as well as during the Pope's visit . I feared that there might be some difficulty, but there was no indication of anything special happening.
There was considerable traffic toward Qalandiya from Atarot.  Traffic was quite heavy but moving slowly but steadily in both directions. We arrived just as the school children were returning home so there was a lot of activity in both directions.
Anata.  Tremendous construction is going on to the right of the current checkpoint (facing Anata).  We were told by the security guards that that will be the location of a huge checkpoint -- probably of the same dimensions as Qalandiya.  It is due to be finished by 2010 by which time the wall now being built around Anata will be completed and the entire Anata area will be totally encircled even though a high proportion of those who will be on the wrong side of the wall carry Jerusalem i.d.'s and are totally dependent on Jerusalem for their livelihoods.