Reihan, Shaked, Sat 9.5.09, Morning

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Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)

06:55 0 08:45

06:55 - Rihan checkpoint
 Upper car park area: One van. The road block closed, would open at 07:05. "....Begin the flow",as in every  Saturday when we're on site.
Entrance sleeveinfo-icon - Those coming out report that: "Today its full" and also "Today all is right". They hurry, as usual.Until 07:20 the line is short both at the entrance to the terminal and when they get out of the inspection chambers.
Inside the terminal - the divider is shut.One window is open. When the line gets longer as people  come out of the chambers, between 07:30 and -7:45, another window opens which shortens the long line thus allowing passage for those wanting to cross over to the lower care park area. 
At the Vehicles shed there are hardly any cars. On the road as well, there is no line of cars but on the opposite side there is a relatively long line of cars "going out". The cabs and its passengers are being inspected on their way out. Inside the terminal, by the entrance, we observe three youngsters sitting. We try in inquire and realize that it has to do  with something missing with their permits which prevents them from passing through ("out" to the "Occupied territories"). They waited for at least 40 minutes. 
At 08:00 when we came back, they were gone. But we saw and heard a cry of a young mother,grandfather and upset aunts because the guard would not let a little girl and a little boy cross over to Barta'a to see a doctor (the girl suffers hearing impairment) due to a missing some sort of a permit.
While we were on the phone in an attempt to assist the party, the two kids went through with an elderly man.The family appeared to calm down, thanking us - for what????- and went its way. We had the privilege of watching the opening of the new gate of a brand new inspection facility, and three cars driving out of there. We were most impressed by the fact that the gate did not open automatically but rather manually by a person who had to bend down to open the lower locks and it appears as a gesture of  bowing down to drivers of cars  waiting to get out.Nice !At the upper car park area, there are 8 vans. 
08:20 - We left 08:30 -08:45 
Shaked checkpoint
Quiet, Very little traffic almost nonexistence. .