Bethlehem, Hebron, Nabi Yunis, Tue 19.5.09, Afternoon

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Yael L.- J., Illit R. (both reporting), Avital F. (driving)

We decided this time to go further south past Halhul into Hebron.

We drove though Kiriyat Arba to H2 of Hebron where we parked at the Machpela Cave . Many soldiers, but only 3 'tourists' were around. Along the low wall separating the Jewish part of street stood 4 young men detained while being checked by 2 soldiers. We met up with a TIPH team (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) who were keeping track on the detained.

Down the street 2 Palestinian boys were fighting each other,  when they moved towards the soldiers one of the soldiers was yelling at and repremending them.

We then stopped at Nabi Yunis for coffee and a chat with the people there. 

We met a Palestinian policeman and a young man who was asking for help to get a permit to enter Israel. We took his details.

At  17.15 PM at Bethlechem checkpoint a long tight line of around 150 men were waiting. Some told us they were waiting for an hour or longer. Inside only  4 counters were open. Within 20 minutes most of the people got through. They all had a pink paper in their hands.