'Anabta, Eyal, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, יום ה' 11.6.09, אחה"צ

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Milette Sh., Irene T. (reporter)

5:30 Anabta: The reservist on duty told us they had received explicit instructions to make the passage as comfortable as possible; they are not to check at all unless they see anything particularly suspicious.  The vehicles stopped now, according to this soldier, belong almost exclusively to Israeli Jews who have gotten lost on their way to Netanya.

16:00 Te'enim: The soldier on duty at the outer checking area was unable to open the gate, so we could not enter.

16:15 Irtakh: We spoke to one driver who complained at length about the inefficiencies of the transfer process.  Often as many as 60 trucks gather in the morning to wait.  First the drivers affiliated with preferred companies are allowed to transfer their cargo, and only after they are finished are other drivers allowed to transfer their cargo to trucks going in the opposite direction.  (The driver we spoke to said he did not know how the preferred drivers got this designation.)  The driver said the morning before, he had arrived at 6:00, and had not been able to leave until 10:30.

16:45 Ma'avar Eyal: There were three stands open.  Workers moved through quickly. We didn't observe any problems.