Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Wed 24.6.09, Afternoon

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Neta G., Bracha B.A. (reporting)

We drove the little girl Aya and her mother Suheil from Rambam Hospital to the Jalameh crossing.  We arrived there at 14:00 and continued to the Shaked Checkpoint.

Shaked-Tura, 14:45
The checkpoint is deserted.  A few cars pass through in the direction of the seamline zone and a man on his donkey and a few cars pass through in the direction of the West Bank.  We left at 15:05.Reihan Barta’a, 15:15The lower parking lot is full of cars and the bored drivers are sitting in the shed attempting to keep out of the hot sun.  The temperature outside today is close to 40 degrees and the steel rail next to the exit from the terminal is too hot to touch.  The seamstresses begin to come out of the terminal, dressed in their long dresses and headscarves and board the waiting taxis.

At the upper entrance to the terminal at the end of the sleeveinfo-icon workers begin to arrive one by one and enter.  A man is sitting on the bench inside waiting for his permit to be processed so he can go through.  The place is empty, but this does not prevent one of the staff members from coming up to us and ordering us to move away from the turnstile, since we are disturbing their work.

On the inside wall of the terminal there is a sign with an arrow pointing to the parking lot that reads: “Have a pleasant and safe stay.” [in the terminal].  Is being in the terminal supposed to be pleasant for anyone?  Is the checkpoint designed to be a safe place for Palestinians?

We left at 16:45.