'Awarta, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 16.6.09, Afternoon

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Mecky S. Amira I. (reporting); Natanya translating

New procedures today. A random checkinginfo-icon of pedestrians and drivers leaving Nablus. The warm word of the military police today to those leaving Nablus, "Move. Move!" with a movement of the hand.

Za'tara 14.00 No cars.

We decided to go to Beit Furik and to see what was happening after the removal of the checkpoint. Truly no shed. The soldiers who man the checkpoint  are crowded under the camouflaged shed. A police car stands at the distance, the soldiers stop the cars leaving Nablus with a movement of the hand and look to see that there is an ID. From there to Awarta. Few cars pass and the soldiers check the ID.

14.35 Huwwara. The parking lot is half empty. The rubbish rolls at the sides. The X-ray machine next to the humanitarian line. No lines, Whoever comes passed without delay. The commander, A, whom we met a month ago comes to us with a smile and says that today there are new procedures. No  body check of those passing and no checking of IDs. Just random ..about every 7th person. Like at Za'tara everyone could pass. Of course the checkpoint is open for 24 hours. At the car lane the drivers pass without being checked.  So far a quote from A,. the captain.

 Observation: Young men arrive with their belts, phones and watches off. They stand in front of the military police who says to them, "Move, Move." A movement of the hand. Looks from afar at the closed ID and sends them away. The young men who are used to strict police procedures are embarrassed, go with their heads down in case they should be called back and go through the middle turnstile at the exit of the checkpoint. One young man raises his head, smiles at us and makes the V sign. The others are astounded and embarrassed at what is happening. It seems that the soldiers also having absorbed the new procedures and the usual routine make is hard from them to feel easy with "security threat" which flows between the rifles, the turnstiles, the fences and the x-ray device which suddenly which makes everything so ridiculous. Therefore they ask more than each 7th person to show the ID.

The drivers in the parking lot seem also not have been able to absorb the new procedures and in conversation with us are wary. "Tomorrow there will be other procedures", that is that once again there will be limitations. They have seen many days and depressive bureaucracy and they are worried about earning a living.

At the car lane the traffic flows in both directions. There is no dogtrainer and the soldiers look randomly at the IDs of the drivers and do not make the passengers alight. At the exit of the checkpoint we see drivers smiling.

16.30 Za'tara.

7 cars from Nablus pass quickly.