'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 4.6.09, Morning

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Esti W. Nava E.; Natanya translating

6.30 The sleeveinfo-icon in which those workers wishing to leave Azzun Atma is packed from side to side. Some say that they have been waiting an hour and others only "half" an hour. Two women soldier stand opposite the patient crowd. One checks and one guards. Now and again one of the workers is told to stand aside when the ID does not seem to be in order. Two men want to enter the village and the soldier checks the IDs and opens the gate so that they can go through and not have to push through the sleeve of those waiting. And only two weeks ago we were told that this is never done. A military jeep arrives with a NCO and two soldiers. One joins the soldiers and now one guards and three check. The NCO checks the IDs of those detained. He is not prepared to speak to us and does not understand at all why we are there.

6.50 The line has shortened considerably and we left.