Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya, יום א' 7.6.09, אחה"צ

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Roni H., Moran Y., and Tamar F. reporting and taking pictures

Qalandiya Checkpoint:

The coffee salesman was standing at the entrance to the checkpoint. He is a friend of ours who has given us plenty of reliable information in the past. He told us that at four AM hundreds of people filled the waiting hall, the mass of people reached up until the parking lot. There was only one human cage open and only one inspection post. Cleaning a human cage

- A 15 year old boy and is elder sister were waiting clueless at the checkpoint. They were from east Jerusalem and the boy was denied passage as his birth certificate was lost and he tried passing with his student card, which has his ID number and his picture imprinted on it.

I passed with the two into the inspection post. The soldiers said that only a police officer could give the boy permission to pass. I asked that they talk to the officer that was on duty. Shaul was the police officer and he two had "hardened his heart". I called the deputy commander of the checkpoint: police officer Eli, that took a glance at the surveillance camerainfo-icon to see that it was indeed me, and saw that the boy wasn't an adult, and finally he ordered on opening the passage for the two (once again we had to engage in conversation with the surveillance cameras- the representatives of the big brother).

-The new machines that are to supervise the Palestinians' passage had been taken out of their boxes and place in the corridors where those heading back from Jerusalem pass.
Over there is where  The passage to the DCL

Fifteen minutes before the official closing time of the DCL and the turnstiles to the of

fices were locked. We had to make four phone calls to the DCL war room, so until the opened the turnstiles before those who wished to enter. We passed together with them, meaning to reach Kiyat Ha'memshala, but the gate leading to entrance into the "Blue Elephant" was locked. When Moran showed her ID to the soldier behind the bullet proof window, the soldier mutter out: "bitch". 

 Plans for a new wall?!

We were told that it won't be long until construction works for an inner wall, separating between Kufer Akab and Smirmis from Qalandia refugee camp, will begin. The two neighborhoods will be annexed into Jerusalem. This wall will begin at road leading to Kufer Akab  and surround Smirmis, it will head on to Qalandia village and then connect with the checkpoint at the airport lane. We have witness the hasty works on the northern side of the vehicle checkpoint. That is probably the closing point of the wall.

The person who gave us this information said that not only had this news been published in an Israeli newspaper (he couldn't remember whether it was Ma'ariv or Yediot Aharonot), but that he himself learned about it when he was at the city hall at Jerusalem, where he saw the blueprint of the construction work.

We are as certain as he was, that we would soon witness the realization of this plan.

Jaba/Leel Checkpoint:

The checkpoint commander told us about the importance of warning the Israelis/Jews from heading to Ramallah. He even troubled himself and showed us the decree that enforces him with the right to prevent anyone from heading west, even though (and his he knows), the A' territories are over 10 km away from that spot.

Yair Nave is the one to have signed that decree: he used to be a general and today sells weapons in Colombia.

The decree had been issued on December 2006. It has no expiration date.

Everything is arbitrary, that is what we have come to learn over the years: When they want to, they make it easier, and when they wish the opposite, they make it harder. Usually they want to make things harder.