Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 6.7.09, Morning

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Raya Y. (reports)

Guest: Ira A.
Trans.: Revital C. Tarqumiya

Workers inform us that it takes half an hour to cross the CP.

On the roads to Hebron there's a volume of traffic - both lorries and private vehicles.


On the hill to our right, the stronghold tent has been pulled down and in its stead a shack has been built and two cars are standing by it.

Curve 160, the Pharmacy and Tel Rumeida CP: very little pedestrian traffic. Two soldiers at Tel Rumeida tell us they're surviving the routine and allow the populace to cross unhindered.

We had some coffee at Abed's opposite the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave with a couple of tourists from Mexico. Abed tells us that there are barely any visitors. The music from the loudspeakers is no longer all that loud, and is bearable under the circumstances.

South Hebron Hills
There's a new paved path at A-Tiwani, a well with no water, an electric pole that is still disconnected and residents who greet us kindly and happily. Buma Inbar toured the village too.

Zif Junction

Light traffic.


The yellowing fields and the heat and aridity of summer speak the impossibility of life in the South Hebron Hills and the city itself.