Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 19.7.09, Morning

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Chana H., Ruthi T.
05:30 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint
Slow exodus of people from the terminal. Somebody reports: "Going very slowly. As it happens last week was okay. The girl by the conveyor is asleep." Somebody else says that there is a trainee there. The pick up drivers hand over their IDs, preparing to enter the check. Somebody comes out of the terminal: "There’s chaos. Lot of problems."

At 05:55 the rate of exit is 24 people in five minutes. At 06:00, they tell us: "Everything is okay today. Delays for a short while at the entrance turnstile." Our acquaintance, S., arrives at 06:15 and comes out at 06:35. The adults don’t go to the machine today. Private cars exit checking after 25 minutes. Entry to the West Bank is fast – a minute or two.

06:55 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The gate is already open on this side of the checkpoint and the soldiers are busy opening the internal gatesinfo-icon. A DCO vehicle arrives and parks in the checkpoint. About 20 men in front of the turnstile. At 07:00 a man and child from Um Reihan pass on their way to Jenin. They cross in three minutes, at the same time as people are arriving in the opposite direction. At 07:05 the first car passes. At 07:10 only five people remain at the turnstile and one car waits to cross.

07:50 Jalame Checkpoint
We collect little Aya, her mother and another man going to Rambam Hospital.