Reihan, Shaked, Sun 26.7.09, Morning

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Ruthy T. and Hannah H.

Reihan CP - 5:25
The first passenger cars are leaving the inspection compound and waiting for workers who emerge one by one from the terminal. We were told that during the first 20 minutes there was crowding in the terminal and despite the pressure, all of them (including the older people) were inspected biometrically. Within five minutes, people begin to come out of the terminal in a quick stream.

5:40 - Three people try to go from the seamline zone to the West Bank. For some strange reason, they are detained for five to ten minutes and during that time the passage of workers in the opposite direction - from the West Bank to the seamline zone - is halted. From inside, we hear a loud argument about the biometric inspection. A woman worker is ordered to return to the Salem DCO (and lose a day's work) even though she has a permit that has already been inspected in Salem and her biometric inspection was in order.
People appeal to us again with a complaint that in front of the biometric machine there is a notice warning people with a pacemaker not to go through the machine, but it is only in Hebrew.

6:00 - Pickup trucks with goods enter the inspection compound. A car going from the seamline zone to the West Bank goes through in five minutes. Those coming to the lower (Palestinian) parking lot enter the terminal immediately and emerge after ten to fifteen minutes.

Shaked CP - 6:50
The gate on the side of the seamline zone is open already and the soldiers are getting organized. At seven on the dot (opening time) about thirty workers enter and get in place at the turnstile. The first of them emerge from the inspection pavilion within five minutes, in groups of 3-5. A woman with a babyinfo-icon jumps the queue and enters the pavilion through the side door.

Three cars go through quickly and a herd of sheep goes through at their side.