Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 28.7.09, Morning

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Neta J., Hassida S. (reporting)
Reihan CP, 5.45 - 6.45
The gatesinfo-icon opened at five and we heard from the people who were already waiting there, that the passage was OK and quick. Some of the seamstresses were already waiting in the sleeveinfo-icon.

We went down to the lower parking lot, which was also almost empty. There were practically no cars and no pickup trucks with goods. Later, some loaded pickup trucks did appear. Their inspection begins at six o'clock and not at seven as in the past. When we asked about the conditions in the new inspection area, we learned that it is true that while waiting drivers can now drink coffee, which is brought to their room. The room also has air-conditioning. The occupation / despair is actually now more comfortable.

A group of eight semastresses got into a taxi. At first we wondered if they are working the night shift, but it soon became clear that there was simply a delay at the turnstile at the entrance to the terminal, and they preferred to wait in the taxi. A short time after that they also entered the terminal and went through.

A large group of young men, illegal sojourners, was arrested before dawn, from their sleeping places in stores in Barta'a; they were driven to the lower parking lot of the terminal. Among them there is also a Palestinian from Hebron who is the owner of a store. We were told that the soldiers expelled about 150, pushing them and yelling at them. They were not allowed to take any possessions with them, not even telephones, purses with documents, or clothing. We woke Abu-Rami, and he took care of sending a taxi with articles to distribute to those who were expelled. We saw that others managed to contact relatives who took care of sending them their possessions. One person showed us a form that invites him to come to the Salem DCO on a certain date at a certain time and to report to a "captain" whose name I do not remember. He tried to ask our advice about whether or not he should come to that meeting. We did not know what to advise him. Neither of the options seems attractive. Some of the illegal sojourners were imprisoned, and soon we saw many of them coming down from the military compound on the hill. About six of them were handcuffed, and were led to the other side of the wall that separates the parking lot from the area of the lot. We assumed that they would be taken to prison, but we could not actually see that.

Shaked CP, 07.15-07.55

We saw the herd of sheep outside the gate. The gate was open already. On the side of the West Bank about 20 people were waiting to go through the turnstile to the inspection room. At the same time cars were already being inspected, one in each direction. Everything flowed and we did not observe any problem.
We left for Jalameh to take the little girl Aya to her dialysis.

Jalameh CP - 08.10
(We stopped on the way for a quick coffee.)
Aya's mother told us that the passage through the terminal took them a whole hour.