Reihan, Shaked, Sat 25.7.09, Morning

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Shula N., Noa L. (reporting)

Shaked-Tura, 0730 - 0810
The traffic is flowing in both directions -- pedestrians and cars. At the CP there is a vociferous group of men and women soldiers from the Military Police, that we have never seen here. The soldiers are careful to direct the pedestrians to the path at the side that is exclusively for them. This, too, is  a new phenomenon. Despite the shouting and the rude attitude, the passage is quick.
At the side of the soldiers' post, we see a young fellow on his knees. We understood that he is detained because he has no permit to go through. Because of the distance, we have no way of finding out the details of this matter, but the instructions of the soldiers for him to stay on his knees is very jarring. We called the DCO and after a few moments - there is no way of knowing if it was because of our intervention -- the fellow is freed and sent on his way to the West Bank. We think that he intended to get into the seamline zone.

Barta'a-Reihan  0820 - 0930

There is a great deal of traffic in both directions. Those in cars and taxis draw their magnetic cards through the guard post and continue on their way to the West Bank. Those leaving the terminal tell us that there is a lot of pressure inside, and they had to wait for half an hour (!). They say that this situation was the same yesterday and the day before yesterday. Only one post is open. We got in touch with Ronen, who is responsible for the CP and we asked him to intervene so that the passage will be quicker. A second post was not opened, but in the course of half an hour people leaving the terminal reported that the wait time was shorter, about 20 minutes.

At the vehicle CP two cars were waiting every time we looked.