Qalandiya, Wed 22.7.09, Afternoon

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Ivonne M., Tamar F. (reporting and taking photos)
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

On the western side of the vehicle checkpoint they are continuing to pave an additional lane.

A sign that notifies that the post office is to remain open each day until 16:00 was hanging. But the post office was already closed at 15:00.

15:30- People were standing in front of the locked turnstiles, on the lane leading to the DCL and the post office.

-Another sign was hanging, and on it was a telephone number to which those who are having some sort of a problem could call. None of the Palestinians tried using it. Ivonne did. The person who answered said the turnstiles were wide open.

-Ivonne insisted: The turnstiles are locked.

- The replay she got from the other end was: "the soldiers say they are open".

- Ivonne kept insisting.

-The phone on the other end was slammed.

-Ivonne called the DCL operation room, the same person answers her.

-She kept insisting on what she was saying right in front of her.

The Palestinians, who are already experienced with these kind of situation, they leaned back on the fences and had an amused look on their faces, and gazed at the woman yelling through the phone, over and over again, the same line: "Then the soldiers are lying" - as though it was a play at the Theater of Absurd, and the whole time they knew exactly how it was going to end.

15:45- Another  person arrived at the lock lane. He ignored the others, and called Abuhazera (the commander of the site) and the gatesinfo-icon immediately opened for a split of a second and just for him.

- Ivonne was about to lose her patience. She kept explaining the person on the phone (who kept insisting on the soldiers' version), that the turnstiles were locked and that she soldiers were laying.

15:55- They called out the name of one of the Palestinians through the load speaker, and he alone got to pass.


17:25- We left the checkpoint and headed to the Palestinian side. There were about 80 people who filled the whole lane, standing inside the human cage leading to the entrance of the checkpoint. They stood silently in the line that went on to the shed on the back.

-The years of occupation forced the Palestinians to become adaptable, obedient, patient and submissive. 
 The Question now isn't whether this might explode right in our faces, but when?