Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 11.8.09, Morning

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Neta J., Hassida S. (reporting)

05:50 Reihan CP

When we came, many Palestinian workers were already sitting in the upper parking lot and waiting for the rides of their employers.
The CP opened on time and the passage is steady. One worker (B. from the rug plant in Shahak) complains about the last few days. Every morning the inspection inside the terminal halts from a quarter to six until six thirty. Later, we asked the person in charge of the CP, S., about this and he claimed that it is not true.) One worker praises three of the workers in the terminal who apparently work there every morning. He said that when these three are here - everything is fine. (Apparently because they are experienced and skilled.)
Seamstresses were already waiting above, while some of them are still arriving in the lower parking lot in A.'s car. We went down. The workers arrive, enter in fives. The voice from the loudspeaker sounds pleasant and courteous.
One truck is waiting for inspection. Later a few more trucks arrive. Inspection of the cars takes a long time. Both the commercial trucks and the private vehicles hand over documents for inspection at one point, and afterwards go up to the fenced compound for a thorough inspection.
We saw a private car that let a woman and a child out at the terminal while he, with another three children, approached the car queue, handed over his ID card and waited quite a long time until he was called to go up to the inspection pavilion above. When we went up, at about 06.40, we saw the mother and child waiting, the father, the car and the rest of the children were being inspected.
06.55 Shaked CP
The gate is open already, but there are still no (CP) workers. Near the turnstile, about 30 people are waiting to enter the inspection room; a few cars are waiting on the Palestinian side. There is also a herd of sheep waiting. For some reason, everything is proceeding very slowly today. The first people to be inspected come out after about ten minutes. A few women on our side are waiting to enter for inspection. The owner of the sheep  comes out after inspection, frees the donkey and takes the herd out. A few more people come out after inspection, but everything is very slow -- drop by drop.
We left for Jalameh to take little Aya and her mother to Rambam. At Jalameh, a man asked us for information about the possibility of getting treatment in Rambam for a boy who had an operation on his head in Jordan.