'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Eliyahu Crossing, Wed 9.9.09, Morning

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Nurit W.L. and Moria P. (reporting)

06:45 Eliahu Passage

About 30-40 people are waiting by the gate and the tunstiles. The passage was opened at 05:00 and out of the 180 who registered with the attendant (who ascertained that we don't register his name) only 90 passed.

Both among those registered and among those passing there are often groups of people passing under one name, so that the people count is not accurate.

He enables women and as it seems also car owners to pass without lining up in the queue. When his turn comes, he gives the lists to another worker who is waiting.

There is only one post inside, and the attendant points out that when there is a woman soldier with the soldier inside it takes more time because they chat…A worker tells us that he comes from Habala and works at Alfey Menashe, at a few kilometers distance from his home. The journey sometimes takes 5 hours.

The stay in the building takes about 2 minutes.
They point out that there is already a DCO representative around, andn everything goes quicker, but not always there is one. Nurit talks to Tomer from the DCO. He points out that the times indicated to him are indeed too long and promises to bring it before the higher echelon of officers.

was asked to call him on Sunday and to see what can perhaps be done in the matter.

07:15 We left.

07:40 The barrel CP – little traffic, no obstruction.

07:55 Anbata – little traffic, not checks. Two lanes are open.