Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Mon 17.8.09, Afternoon

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Judit B., Noa P. reporting

Unlike our usual route, we monitored the western route this time, beginning with Anabta. Soldiers manned the checkpoint but during out stay did not stop any vehicles. Most of the cars passing through were Israeli-license-plated.

We had some words with taxi drivers waiting in vain for fares. They told us traffic through the checkpoint flowed and mentioned as a constant fact that their livelihood has been constantly diminishing and barely put bread on the table.

On our way back  through Jubara we were stopped at the checkpoint like everyone else, the woman soldier questioned where we were headed and when we mentioned Irtach and Eyal crossings she stared at us, amazed, and asked who we were. As we identified ourselves she said, ‘Ah, you’re the ones who are against us’. We assured her we were not ‘against’ thesoldiers bur rather ‘for’ a better state.

At Irtach as well as Eyal movement was lively – workers returning from their day’s work in small groups of several dozens disembarking from buses and other vehicles, and disappearing into the checkpoint entrances without delay.

One of the workers with whom we spoke explained that the delays and hardships were in the morning when they go out to work, and when they were all required to go through the ‘rooms’. He claimed there were usually no problems in the afternoon.