Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 6.9.09, Afternoon

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Yehudith B., Noa P. (reporting) Translator: Louise L.



15.00  Anabta

There are few vehicles. The passage is open. There are two soldiers at the checkpoint. They do not stop many cars. Because of the Ramadan there are no coffee or fruit vendors and there are no cabs nearby. 

    1. Irtah

Dozens of cars are arriving. The workers are in a hurry to reach the gatesinfo-icon at the checkpoint. The traffic is flowing without delay. People carrying parcels are also let through without being stopped. Cars keep coming with people on their way home. A number of workers stop to tell us that in the morning it was really hard because of the slow passage through the checkpoint. 

    1. Eyal

Compared to Irtah there are few people. They are passing the checkpoint without delay.