'Anin, Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 10.9.09, Morning

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Lea R., Anna N. S. (reporting)

06:10 - 06:30 A'anin - Agricultural CP
About ten people are waiting for inspection and passage; and later another ten join them. One of those going through explains why there are so few. The permits that are no longer valid have not been renewed. Maybe they will be renewed for the olive-picking? The view is devastating as usual: listing the names of those going through on a form, inspecting the bags, and letting them through.
Among those going through are owners of tractors and of donkeys, a number of young children, pupils from the school join those going through -- apparently they are helping to make some money for the family.

06:40 Old Reihan-Barta'a CP
Workers from the Shahak industrial zone which is near the Shaked settlement and some others crowd at the upper entrance of the sleeveinfo-icon and are waiting for their rides. A few taxi-drivers, fewer than usual, are waiting for work in the lower CP. A few private cars and some people go through to the West Bank.

Two pickup trucks loaded with food are waiting to be called for inspection. In the meantime the drivers are sitting in the shade of a truck.

07:30 Tura-Shaked CP
This morning we did not see pupils going through. Apparently they went through before we came. The passage in the pavilion is faster. As G. says, " Today, everything is ... almost fine."

One of the workers that we picked up on the road tells us that this year the olive crop is "awful" because the strong winter winds blew away the flowers. He claims that the price of olives will be very high and the price of oil also. He claims that nobody will compensate the farmers for the natural damage.

09:10: Jalameh
We went to pick up little Aya for treatment at Rambam. As far as we could see, the CP was empty at this hour.