Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 4.10.09, Afternoon

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Yocheved G. and Hana H.

14:45 - Jalama
We've dropped off the sick children whom we brought back from Ramb"am hospital in Haifa and they went through immediately.
At this time the checkpoint is quiet and most of those crossing over are Israeli Arabs returning from Jenin.

15:00 - Shaked checkpoint
One car and a herd of sheep cross quickly from the Seam Line zone into the West Bank. A few youngsters arrive from the West Bank going to the Seam Line zone immediately.
On the parking lot, which Netta has reported was going to be returned to its owners (opposite the military base), the army had placed 2 containers.

16:00 - Rihan checkpoint

The place is quite and still all around it. Now it turns out that there is a closureinfo-icon for the duration of the holiday of Sukkot (Feast of the Tabernacles) and those working in Israel, did not go to work today (one of the workers in Barta'a was told that  the banks are closed and therefore he didn't receive his pay).
A family with 2 small infants wait at the upper car park area, they came back from Jenin to Barta'a in a taxi that is being inspected at the vehicles' inspection area for almost an hour.
Workers from Barta'a arrive and go through immediately. From the other side its mostly women and children returning form Jenin and cross over with no problems.
Cars from the Seam line zone drive through quickly.
The lower car park area is relatively empty.

We were approached by a resident of the West bank who works as a merchant  in Barta'a. Two years ago he was caught as an illegal alien. Following his trial he was fined and was given a police order nisi for two years. The two years are  about to  end in two months time and to his surprise he  received a notice that the order nisi was extended to another year, without a legal procedure. He is a merchant and without a permit its difficult to deal with wholesalers.