Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 6.9.09, Morning

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Ziona, Semadar

Natanya translating

We arrived at 4.00 and were surprised to find that new rolled barbed wire had been put in the place where we usually stand and all this so that we should not approach the fence and be in touch with the coffee vendor.

4.25 An army jeep arrives behind us and two soldiers arrived and said that there were new orders and that we were bothering them in their work. We are forbidden to touch the fence and forbidden to come near to it. After a short argument they left.

4.28 The turnstiles were opened and most of the workers went through without parcels.

4.50 The turnstiles closed.
5.10 The turnstiles opened,

5.35 The turnstiles closed.
5.46 They opened again.

From the line are shouts and the workers push. They are upset and frustrated and push one another. They are scared that they will miss their transport as has happened so often on Sunday.

5.55 The line is long. At least 2000 workers waiting to go in. They say that on the 1st October another 1000 people will come to work in the orchards.

6.57 The families of the prisoners begin to come through. The arm of an elderly man gets caught in the turnstile. None of the security guards come to help him. In the end people from the Red Cross got him out.
Today 15 workers were sent back.

7.00 6 workers came back because their transport had not waited for them. Others because of problems with the print of the hand or problems with the permit.