Qalandiya, Mon 2.11.09, Morning

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Judy O., Maya B. (reporting)

6:15  we  arrive  at  Qalandiya, park in the Palestinian parking lot  and  already hear the noise of  a big crowd inside the terminal.  As we enter we see ,  again  after  a very long time,  young boys trying to climb over peoples heads to jump the line.  A lot of pushing, shouting  and  long line entering through two  channels.  We  check to see what happend , all the booth are open and  the time it takes is no different.  The humaniterian   line  works every 10 minues, Tomer, the DCO officer is there and  trys to help.  When we ask  him for the reason  of the  commotion, he explains  that  the  CP  only opened at  5  and  not at  3  am  and  this created the back log of two hours.  After  about half an hour order  was restored, the Shabab  had gone in  and the rest  of the men  prefered  a quiet  and  peaceful  passage.  All the pupils  and women with or without children went in through the Humaniterian gate  and by 7:45  all had gone in.
It  seems  that  unless the CP  opens  at  3 am  the  place is  much too small  for the thousends of  people who  go  through daily,  a fact we   have known for a long time  and seen so vividly in  Neta's film.