'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 15.11.09, Afternoon

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Nadia W., Tal H. (reporting)

Translation: Tal H.

Za'tara/Tapuach Junction Checkpoint –
As usual lately, crowded with about 50 vehicles from Nablus southward, and as usual we called the army hotline to complain and request they do something about it. They promised to. As usual.

No detaineesinfo-icon seen, nor any canine Israeli security.

 Beit Furik Checkpoint 15:15

DCO representative seen stopping and interviewing drivers in and out of Nablua.

Soldier approaches us to wonder who we are and what about. Hearing our answer, he raised a Slavic eyebrow, asked whose side we’re on and, not waiting for an answer, turned on his heels and headed back to the checkpoint.


Inside Beit Furik village heavy earthworks and paving of a new and spacious entry road, a bit of fresh oxygen (dusty) for our grayed-out consciousness.

 Huwwara Checkpoint 15:45

Here, but for the DCO rep. who came to pass the time of day, we had no words with soldiers, traffic flowed relatively swiftly and easily, no canines.


On our way back we passed by the ‘gate’ to Azzun Atme as workers were just on their way home,
and then we proceeded into Elkana settlement (Yes!), all the way to the edge that borders on the Separation Fence, to show Nadia the famous house in adjacent Masha village completely surrounded with fences including an 8-meter high concrete wall separating the Palestinian house from its Palestinian village neighbors. Recommended for any Machsomwatcher who’s not seen this with her own eyes, recommended with a shiver, the epitome of something.


Headed back to Israel around 17:00.