Reihan, Shaked, יום ש' 14.11.09, בוקר

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Shula N., Noah L., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A

Shaked – Tura checkpoint, 07:30-08:00

When we arrived people coming through asked us, “Why did you come so late today?  Did you sleep well on Saturday?  Everyone has gone through already.”  There were still ten people waiting in front of the turnstile to enter the seamline zone and traffic was moving continuously in both directions: there were pedestrians, cars, donkeys and sheep.  Only a few pedestrians entered compared to other Saturdays.  There were few pedestrians going on the direction of the West Bank.  Everyone went through quickly throughout the time we were there.Reihan Barta’a Checkpoint, 08:10-09:00
Eight vehicles came out of the vehicle inspection facility at once and seven more entered that were waiting.  After that it became apparent that they were all checked in 35 minutes.  The inspection is done in groups.  The gatesinfo-icon open and close in front of and behind each group. Every car and its passengers therefore has to wait longer than they would have to if each car were checked separately.  When we left one car was waiting outside the facility.The terminal is very crowded as usual at this time of day on Saturday.  Most people are entering the seamline zone.  Those who come out first whom we met said there was a long wait and that it was very crowded inside.  When we arrived there was only one window open.  Another one opened before we managed to call and traffic increased.  Before we left people coming out told us they had gotten through in ten minutes.