Reihan, Shaked, Sat 7.11.09, Morning

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Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)
06:55 Reihan CP
(An especially cold wind made us leave relatively early.)
Five vans arewaiting.

07:00 "Good morning, start the stream", but for some reason  there is no stream. The gate on the road will open only in another four minutes, and near the pedestrian gate there is a lot of disorder; it is not clear why.
Two security guards stand opposite the gate (as in films: hands behind their backs, stomachs pressed forward....) and yell at the people. Afterwards, the "stream" does begin. When more than five people burst into the area, there are shouts and scoldings; people are turned back. After this happens twice, the group becomes responsible and takes care to enter five at a time.

Today, the person at the outside post does not yell. The inside post is also conducted quietly. A large number of people fill the corridors on the path to the post.

07:08 The first person comes out.
We tried to find out about the disorder that there was near the gate. We couldn't find out anything. "Nothing, everything is fine." "Just keep coming and everything will be ok here." "Ask for a shed near the entry gate too - because of the rain."

07:25 An additional post is opened.
People emerge after 25 minutes. The word 'azami' (pressure) is heard many times. One of our acquaintances comes out with a look of despair. We shake hands.
"It takes a long time. Today, there are young women. On Friday young women are at the machine and inspect us one by one."

07:50 The pressure is relieved somewhat.

Four cars are in the queue to enter Falastin -- the "seamline zone". Two Transits are waiting near the post in the passage to the south.
Six vans are waiting for those going to Barta'a.

We left early because the wind was freezing (there was supposed to be a heat wave).

08:05 Shaked/ Tura CP
It is quiet.
A man sits behind the CP post. We wait to find out what is happening with him. In the meantime a herd of goats goes through.
A military jeep that looks new stops near us. An officer (a captain) gets out, extends his hand to us for a shake. He tells us that the man kneeling at the side is detained because he tried to "stea" the border. "He tried to run through the gate and was caught! Actually, he is from Kafin, and he does not have permission to go through here. I've called the police."

We did not wait, at 08:30 we left.