Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Mon 23.11.09, Afternoon

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Raya Y., Hagit S. (reports)

trans. Naomi S.


at the entry, we're asked where we're heads for the first time.

Route 35
Traffic is scarce. The entry to A zone just before Hebron is open, vehicles pass through.

Route 60
On the turn, there are Jewish signposts, expressing presence and ownership.
The boulders on either side of the road next to the girls' school are in place.
A signpost at the military camp just before Kiryat Arba reads "Tomorrow is (or "there will be": ambiguous in Hebrew; NS] War."

It is noontime (about 1pm) when we arrive and many children are on their way back, carrying their school bags, and at most CPs we couldn't see any soldiers checking them.
Tel Rumeidah: the soldiers reluctantly respond to us, but to our question whether they check the passers by they say: "only sometimes, we know most of the neighbourhood's residents already."
Shouhada St. is almost deserted. A police Jeep stands at the entrance, gesturing "hello" at us. From the position there we notice a new signpost: "Nehlat Shlomo neighbourhood will be built here".
Tarpat: children walk through the device and one is asked to open his school-bag. Relatively speaking, the atmosphere is semi-calm, people we've talked to said there were "ok" (Polite? Accustomed? Despaired?)
At the Patriarchs' Tomb the music is relatively quiet – apparently, because of today's Brith ceremony (we saw the mohel arrive with his equipment).
Aabd from across the road is generous, as always, happy to host and chat.

On our way back, route 35 is somewhat "busier".
The pitas and the labane are excellent, as usual.