Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 15.10.09, Afternoon

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Michal S., Yehudit L. (reporting & photographing); Natanya translating

Before we even left for the shift we hard from Zachariah that there were tremendous pressure in the morning in the area of the new road to Shave Shomron and at the checkpoint of Huwwara.

14.15 The entrance to Zeita is closed as always. A photo will be sent.The entrance is always blocked

14.17 Za'tara (Tapuach). A traffic jam. Great pressure in the direction of  Ramallah to Nablus, from the Jordan valley and from the direction of Nablus. The soldiers check randomly also cars going to Nablus. Both Palestinians and Israelis, sometimes inside the cars, also IDs. From the direction of Nablus to the south  are 90 cars in a line waiting to past the checking posts. A photo will be sent.

After Za'tara the traffic jam ends. We could not find out why and what had caused this.

14.55  Huwwara. No pressure. The Israeli flag waves between the posts. The soldiers will not allow us to pass the orange block. At the entrance of cars entering Nablus the soldiers stop a loaded  car now and again and send them to Awarta.  He has to go back to the village of Huwwara and to take a round about route in the little alleys on a bad road. And then to get to Awarta which is meant for cars with goods.

15.00 A soldier sends a loaded truck to the deserted parking lot. The car drove on the apartheid car, the Madison routs. The driver is punished and detained. A photo will be sent.

At the checking posts of cars leaving Nablus some are detained, usually the young men. They have to get out of the car, give their IDs to be checked and the cars are also checked. We notice a big sign tied between two posts of those leaving Nablus. We cannot see what is written on it. But when we get to the other side (that is to see the sign from the direction of Nablus) we see written on it,
did I turn again till they were consumed
psalms 38)

On the right hand side underneath if the flat of Israel and on the left the photo of a soldier holding a weapon pointed at the person seeing this and in the middle  a picture which we did not understand but which did not sound good,   "have a good trip." This greets the residents of Nablus when they leave their city from the Israel defense force. (pictures will be included).

16.00 The detained driver who traveled on the road forbidden to Palestnians (Madison route) is released.

16.20 A border police jeep watches the entrance to Beita.

16.25  Za'tara (Tapuach) . 40 cars wait for some order to come from a checking post. As usual. Even though there are not soldiers checking the drivers cannot know what the intentions of the soldiers are and the latter do not bother to make any sign and so a line is formed with no reason. On the sides of the road we see families coming back from the olive harvest. On the bridge in the industrial area of Barkan is a hug sign "Villas opposite the see."