Eyal Crossing, 'Anabta, Eliyahu Crossing, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Thu 29.10.09, Afternoon

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Karin L. and Attika D. (reporting)

We arrived at 15:00 at the Agricultural Gate Habla, near the plant nursery. We met three workers who returned from a working day at the  juncture region. On the other side of the fence, at the exit from Habla, a woman and a child stood.

Between the fences three soldiers walked about.

We talked to the workmen.

told us that the gate is being opened in the morning between 06:00 and
08:30 and in the afternoon between 17:00 and 19:00. So what happens now
with you? They wait till five o'clock for the gate to be opened. That
means a wait of two hours! Everybody who enters through this gate in
the morning is registered in the computer and is obliged to return in
the afternoon for the computer to "erase" him.

Sometimes they go to work for contractors who come to collect workers, and sometimes they go by bicycles to the neighbouring villages where they work.

According to them the gate exists already 10 years.

15:30 Eliyahu Passage

There are 4 workmen. The pass the checking and enter the car that awaits them.

At each lane there are 4 cars.


16:00  The arms of the checkpoints at all the lanes are raised and the taxis pass without being checked.

A blue police-car stand at the side and randomly stops for checking cars with yellow number plates.

16:00 We pass through the Jubara (Figs, Teenim) passage. The soldiers check the ID cards but we are exempt (we look alright!)

16:20 Irtah

the parking plot of the building there are dozens of cars and women and
men descend and go towards the offices. We managed to see through the
concrete walls tables laid with all the best. We wondered what the
event was.

the other hand hundreds of workmen descent from cars and busses and run
towards the entrance turnstiles. They disappeared in a few seconds and
we saw them on the way to the exit turnstiles.

posts are manned. Was It a fact or did I dream a dream? Small wonder,
it is necessary to show the people who came to celebrate the passage at
its best and the workmen passing without delay. Let them celebrate
every day.

course we heard from the workmen, the well-known complaint "why are you
not here in the morning when there is havoc". The heart turns sour.

our way to the other side of the passage, we looked into the passage
yard and saw exquisite gardening, lovely corners with plants, jars,
trees and shrubs. Tuff is strewn in different places and it seems that
a second lot is being prepared for parking. Then we noticed a signboard
solemnly announcing the opening of: The Ministry of Defence Center for Teaching and Training of the Passages Administration".

We left at 17:00.

17:15 Eyal CP: a few cars and workment pass without delays.