'Anabta, 'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Mon 16.11.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z, Nina S (reporter); Translator: Orna B.

06:50 Habla

About twenty five are in the queue. The gate opened at 06:30 according to the Palestinians.
Each time 3-4 go through to the checkposts.
The process takes a minute per person.
A man on a bicycle went through, with 12 bottles of what looks like water - interesting that here you are allowed to take water through and in Irtach or Eyal it is forbidden.
Donkey carts go through as well, their drivers having undergone an inspection at the checkpost.
07:20 Ras Atia
It has been open according to the Palestinians since 06:30.  There is no one waiting in the queue. We met the guy whose  friend had been sent back to renew his permit last time we were here, because it was not written on his papers that he came back via Ras a Tia after his last few exits.  This time his friend had a simila problem. They claim that the soldiers do not always update the computer data, and therefore it appears that a man had not returned. It is a real problem because a person going through cannot verify what the soldier is writing in the computer , and when you get such  three"absences" you have to waste a day at the DCO.
Ephraim Gate
Eight people are waiting.
The passage is open.
Shvut Ami
There is a man sitting by the entrance to the cave. A second man is praying with ardence. That means the place is manned.
09:15 Anabta
There are no soldiers at the checkposts. The passage is free.