Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Mon 4.1.10, Morning

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nurit Y. & Hagit B. (report)

Translated by Charles K.

6:30am:  A long line, and now the first of four buses with relatives of prisoners arrives.  When we get there, the line begins flowing again.  It doesn’t seem to us that they’re making sure all the corridors are always open.  On the other hand, all the laborers always go through by 07:30. 

Route 317
Children walk to school along the side of the road; no cars. The outposts are still in place. Metzudot Yehuda crossing – administration of the crossing was recently turned over to the Ministry of Defense – laborers don’t cross there, except for ten who have long-term permits. Tourist buses going to Massada cross here, and settlers’ cars. They know us there; the staff also works at Sansana and take turns. They also detain us there, and talk about Edna from “big brother” – it’s already a topic of conversation. 

Classes begin half an hour later this morning because election season has begun, so all the children are outside. Soldiers from the Shimshon unit aren’t detaining anyone at any of the checkpoints, and appear nice.  At Curve 160 they’ve erected a new gate, more easily moved, but the same thing goes on:  as if they opened the Tzion route, but then closed it again. A new checkpoint appears – the checkpoint above and next to Beit HaMeriva operates like any other, and it wasn’t there either before the settlers invaded Beit HaMeriva.  But it’s quiet and deserted. 

Route 60
They’ve opened the entrance to the village of Deir Razik!!!!  Very important – the pillboxes are manned and traffic flows.  Our forces had a quiet day (I apologize for the military language).  The occupation’s routine continues.