'Anabta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Tue 29.12.09, Morning

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Natalie K., Elinor D. and Shira W. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

07:00 Azzun 'AtmaThe traffic of the people crossing over is sparse and flows without obstacles. We received conflicting reports about the pressure at the northern checkpoint of the enclave. One of the persons passing over claimed that there was pressure there today, another claimed that there was pressure yesterday, but not today.

07:55 Za'taraThe car traffic flowed and no queue were to be seen.

08:00 HuwwaraCars were being stopped at random and checked by a dog trainer and released a few minutes later at the side of the CP. There was one car (a Fiat Uno) totally dismantled, on which too the girl dog trainer performed hr training. Between on random checkinginfo-icon and the other the soldiers told us that the car was parked there since a few days.

09:30 AnabtaThe checking posts at the CP were not manned, but there was a military jeep which stood there and the pillbox was manned.

09:50 Irtah. 


A day of prisoner visits. In the region of the shed families were waitingt for transportation. At this hour the CP was already quiet and no special problems were reported by the few people at the CP