Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 6.1.10, Morning

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Raya, Hagit S. (reports)

Translated by Naomi S.

This is a late morning shift.
Our hitchhiker – an American volunteer who lives in Hebron, with whom we've already met and talked in the past, at Abed's. Now, she's on her way back home, having visited Tamar Golan's overnight.


Nothing new here, nor anywhere else.


In Hebron, there are many children in the streets – there is no school now, because it's exam-time.
At all CPs: Curve 160, Pharmacy, Tarpat, Tel-Rumeida – soldiers are positioned but no one is detained, or checked.
Rumeida: Shimshon Brigade soldiers put up signposts concerning road-safety. In conversation, they seem relaxed and calm (they came here only a week ago) and so do the locals sound.
Patriarchs' Cave: quiet. no music.
At Basem's: too quiet, no work, no shoes are produced, the machinery is idle, and still everyone is pleasant and smiling, but it is cold and sad. The road, as is known, is closed.
A visit to Azam's metal workshop, at the Kafisha CP: closed and deserted-like.
Shayuch-Sair: a military jeep parks on the sideway, the soldiers in it observe passers-by (mostly, women).

Route 60

Military vehicles, and women in their long robes walk along the sides.