'Anabta, 'Azzun, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 11.1.10, Morning

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Nina S., Shoshana Z., Yael S. (reporting)


We stood near the village gate and Shoshana went to the soldiers to ask for a key. From afar we could make out that she was enraged and furious at the soldier. It turned out that he reacted to her with vigorous curses. We went to complain to the commander and also at the DCO. Just then there was a change of shifts and the two commanders promised to take care of the soldier (who denied the event). They opened the gate to the village for us.


The agricultural gate

There is a change of shifts. Two buses with schoolchildren are already waiting since 15 minutes. On the other side a big group of workmen and women is waiting to pass. The new shift began working. The buses are permitted to pass. The people who are waiting on the other side are registered one by one and enter the village.

AnabtaThe traffic flows without delays. There is no sign of soldiers.We went by Emmanuel according to Silvia's request, to let a Palestinian, detained by the general security services, sign. We went on to Kilkilya.

The entrance to Azzun is open.


The entrance to Kilkilya is free. Cars pass rapidly.


Ras AtiyaA taxi driver stops us on the way – to warn us to be careful, the police is at the CP. We continued in spite of the warning. We parked at the CP and a soldier came up to us to talk about Edna. According to him he and his family heard with their own ears that she called the soldiers Nazis. We didn't talk much with him as in the meantime the traffic was delayed. The police parted from the soldiers with big hugs and went on its way on the security road.

We returned homewards.