Reihan, Shaked, Sat 5.12.09, Morning

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Sarit A. and Rachel H. (reporting)

Rihan checkpoint
07:00 -  "Good morning let the flow begin" (passage begins). This time it is relatively sparse in comparison with past weekends. (excluding the Sabbath prior to the holiday which was particularly busy).
Very few people went through. There were no lines in front of the inspection windows (which usually can be seen from the entrance to the terminal). Passage time (about 15 minutes) was like in every other Sabbath.

E., who drives passengers to the entrance of the terminal, was seen driving away and returning only after 07:45.
We observed only a few vehicles about to enter the vehicles' inspection area. Very few relative to other days.

The lower car park area was very crowded. Our question was answered by our acquaintance on site that many are waiting for permits and do not receive it. One of them numbered as many as 2000 people whose agriculture permits has expired. There are people who are let through only from Taibe, a much longer and costly way for them.

08:30 We left. The sleeveinfo-icon is almost empty on both sides.

Important complaint: One of the seamstresses who lives in the West Bank and works in Barta'a complained that whenever she crosses the terminal she is being sent to the Salem DCO, to renew her hand "photo" because the biometric device does not recognize her. When she travels all the way to Salem (thus losing a days' work + travel fare) She is being sent back because "everything is ok". she asked for our help.

08:40 Shaked gate
Empty and quiet. A father and his son leading a foal on their way to Tura. They went through. A soldier approaches us, appearing preoccupied, asking "May I help you?" our (very swift) answer included a lengthy reminder of our service on site.
His reaction (before he turned his back to us) :"Ok, whatever works for you."

08:50 We left.