Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 11.1.10, Morning

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Chaya O., Ada G. (reporting). Guests: two Belgian reporters


07.00 AM, Bethlehem -  Checkpoint 300: five stations are open, and the traffic flowswell.  Palestinians tell us that thecrossing is OK.  Also an Ecumenicalvolunteer reports that the queue on the Palestinian side is almost resolved. We collect the Belgian couple who arrive from Bethlehem.

07.30 AM, Hussan: Chaya deals with the Palestinians’ requests, and Igive an explanation to the Belgians about the underground passageway on Road No60, and so-forth. They take manyphotographs.

08.30 AM,  Beit Ummar:  a few Palestians ask our help with their problems,and we answer as well as we can.   Amilitary jeep parks at the side of the road, and there isn’t even onetaxi.   The soldiers send all the taxisaway because “this isn’t a taxi station”. They persist in accompanying us on our way back home.   The jeep continues to park there for morethan three hours in order to prevent taxis from parking there.

 09.00 AM,  Nabi Yunis:  here also there are (only) a fewrequests.

09:45 AM,  Beit 'Inun:  we are going there to show the two Belgians how theinhabitants of Beit Inun, including their children, cross the busy Road No 60,which has no traffic light or “bumper” strips. Where is the traffic-light that was promised ?  

Beit Ummar:  we stopped in response to arequest for help from a man who is waiting for us there. We drive via Efrata and also  up to Beit Jalla. We see the wall that is advancing and whichencircles Har Gilo next to the new suburb that is being built there. The wall almost touches the Everest hoteland the nearby houses. The old entranceto Har Gilo is locked. The entrance isnow around it, via Walaga to the new neighbourhood that is being built.