'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Tue 12.1.10, Afternoon

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Tom and Ruthi with Nadim and two guests from the U.S.

16:00 Anabta
There are no soldiers at the CP.

16:20 Irtah
We arrived and found about 60 people waiting to pass outside of the parking lot (!) The big gate is locked and there is nobody one can turn to. Tom contacted the DCO and the Humanitarian Center to find out if something had happened. It transpired that it is simply because there was "an accumulation of pressure" owing to the returning workmen. We also contacted our Hanna Barak asking that she too should put pressure so that more posts be opened and the passage be sped up.

In the meantime we heard some stories – a Palestinian from Tul Karem told us that he had lived in Miami a very comfortable life until 9\11. Then they simply confiscated all his papers and "asked" him to leave. Since then he is in Tul Karem.The memories evoked many smiles. On the other hand he also told us a story about a neighbor of his who was taken for interrogation three months ago, during which they broke him one leg and didn't bother to tend it. Since then he isn't taken care of, he has no money for the hospital and he asks for aid (medical? Legal? I didn't understand). The name of the injured person is Abd El Karim Abu Hayam 052-7256742. We gave him a card of Machsom-Watch and suggested that the neighbor contact us  and we shall see who can help.

In the meantime more people arrived, we were already 300 outside the parking gate. At about 16:35 the gate was opened and they all ran to the passage. At the passage there are three working stations, the queue now "flows". Whoever stood next to me at the end of the queue found himself on the other side within 7 minutes. Wonderful. Women and children and elderly people who arrive enter without standing in the queue (the workmen immediately make place for them). Although the passage now is really quick there are some who push (the young people!) and the sight is not nice. Every person who lingers to talk to us points out that the real problem is of course in the morning.

17:10 We left.