Eyal Crossing, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Ras 'Atiya, Sun 7.2.10, Morning

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Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting)

Translator: Louise L.

Eyal – It’s very cold…Maybe the coldest night so far. The workers who have already passed gather around improvised fires.

We approach the fence. Immediately a security guard arrives followed by 3 “bosses”. One of them is very aggressive. Screaming and threatening us he claims that it has been agreed that the women from Machsomwatch will not enter the gate leading to the fence. On the gate it says ”Permit Holders Only”. When we mention the non-existence of shelter from the rain, the answer is that the Palestinians are responsible for their side of the fence. Regarding our side, a request for the required budget has been submitted.

When we arrive we speak with Sophie. Until five o’clock 1800 people have entered the terminal. The first workers coming out say that the time of the checking is reasonable. One worker brings us a note from Sophie showing that he entered the checking at 4.45, and now it’s 5.30. In order to be on time for work he arrived at the checkpoint at 3.30.

One man comes to us concerning his 19-year-old son, who doesn’t get a work permit. Nura will connect him  to Silvy.

Sophie informs us that 3400 workers have entered for checking. There is a line still and people keep arriving.

Eliyahu – There are still 70 workers waiting in line. 2 soldiers, taking their time, are checking. The procedure is very slow. Each time 2 people enter, so the checking will take more than an hour. All the workers here are on their way to Alfei Menashe.

Ras Attiya – Many children are walking to school. A bus with Bedouin children living close to Alfei Menashe arrives. A soldier enters the bus and immediately lets it through.

Hable – an agricultural gate that is open at certain hours. The moment we arrive it is being closed. At the last moment a man runs through the gate to work his land that has been closed in by a fence.