Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.2.10, Afternoon

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Yoheved G., Hana H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Machsom Shaked – 15:00

The checkpoint is quiet.  A car coming from the West Bank enters the seamline zone through the avenue of concrete barriers and passes through in 2 minutes.  Workers on a tractor and trailer and a herd of goats return to the West bank.

Reihan Checkpoint 15:35
The lower parking lot is filled with cars.  Three passenger vehicles arrive and drive towards the West Bank.  Vans with workers and families arrive and cross to the seamline zone.

16:00 – We walked down the sleeveinfo-icon.  There are 4 detaineesinfo-icon waiting to be taken care of in the terminal.  Workers from Beit Yitzhak arrive.  They have entered Israel through Tibeh checkpoint in the morning and tell us that things were especially crowded and difficult in the morning "as they always are on Sundays". Workers who came through Jalameh in the morning tell us that the situation there was also difficult as it often is on Sundays, mainly because only one inspection window was open.  Once again we hear about people's agricultural permits being cancelled.

16:20 – Only one window is open and people are crossing through in both directions but it is not crowded.  A woman with a child on her way to the seamline zone is detained because of a misunderstanding regarding the boy's name, and the entire checkpoint is held up while they clarify the matter.  There are already about 40 people crowded outside the turnstile and another 10 people are waiting inside the terminal.

16:30 – One of the detainees is being taken care of.  The turnstile is still not open and workers continue to arrive.

16:40 A second window opens and workers enter the terminal.  Miraculously, we see that it's possible to do things another way!

Inside, next to the turnstile, a guard from the checkpoint staff lets about 30 people in and directs them to various inspection windows.  The turnstile remains free, allowing people returning from the West Bank to pass through.

One of the people waiting who is surprised as we are suggests that we come when it is crowded so that we can witness the harassment.

17:00 The quiet and quick passage continues.  There are still two detainees.