Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 10.2.10, Afternoon

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Anina K. and Yehudit H. (reporting)


13:10 - Tyasir checkpoint
Small children and teachers return home from school. All go through the pedestrians' checkpoint.

The mini-bus in which they came wait for them on the other side of the checkpoint.

There are 4 soldiers on site.

13:15 - Workers who've been working at the Ro'ee settlement (Jordan Valley) begin showing up and now they go to their homes in Tamon (West Bank) together with them come more vehicles and there is no sign on part of the soldiers that someone plan to get them through.

13:27 - After observing that no one is going through Anina asks the soldiers why has passage was stopped.

The explanation: "We are entitled to a lunch break of 20 minutes". But due to the question, one soldier calls for the cars (15 of them) most drivers turned off the switch of their vehicles and got out to hang out. Now each car is inspected thoroughly and slowly; people get off the vehicles and one by one go under inspection. Cars trunks are opened as well as all doors .covers of merchandise are lifted. It seems to us as some sort of revenge due to our intervention.
Teachers returning from Bardale on their way to Tubas greet us.  We left when everyone else has left.

14:20 - Hamra checkpoint

Along the way we see herds of sheep and blossoming of wild flowers.
Innovations at the checkpoint: Various tractors and mini-Bulldozer working on site, straightening the Asphalt and cleaning it. Is there a move towards "development"?

14:30 An armored vehicle arrives, drops off soldiers for a shift change. With that group there's a dog with its female trainer. This is the first time that we see a dog on this checkpoint (innovation?). Workers return from their day's work in the settlements; all go through without being inspected. Some are required to present their I.D cards.