Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Huwwara, Ras 'Atiya, Wed 24.2.10, Morning

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Nura R., Hanna P., (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

06:30 – We passed through the Eliyahu Crossing, there were almost no workmen. Habla Gate06:45 – The gate was open. About 50 people were in the queue, including a few carts, trucks and a tractor. Indeed the queue is not long, but the checking is done manually, each workman has to show his ID card and an exit permit, his name is registered on a page, this takes a long time and the people in the queue begin to quarrel. The first family to come out, a couple with a girl, go to the Schneider hospital.
A workman who has an orchard near Alfey Menashe comes out, and he has to go on foot by way of the road. Women too stand in line, and are forced to open their parcels on the sand.
 Ras Atiya07:30 – a small queue. A workmen comes out and says "what a difficult life we have". The CP commander hurried to approach us and demanded that we go beyond the gate, he repeated his demand and we refused. Then a military policeman joined us and said that the day before their commanders told them that they shouldn't let the Machsom Watch women enter the CP (pass through the gate) and should they refuse – they should stop checking (a price tag).
We retreated… Two busses arrived and passed smoothly.
A Palestinian approached us and complained that he needed an authorization to cultivate his land. He also complained that 45 dunams of land were taken from them – just like that.
He told us that the gate in the new wall is closed at night and it is impossible to take a sick person to hospital.
 Huwwara09:00 – We arrived and the CP commander came running to stop us. The area was empty and we left a few moments later.
On our way back we passed the Za'tara\Tapuah Junction where the traffic flowed.
The gatesinfo-icon at Marda and Keif Harat were open.