'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Te'enim Crossing, Wed 24.2.10, Afternoon

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Sharon L., Ofra H., Mika S. (reporting)

Natanya translating  

16.10 Anabta. Not manned.

16.15 Te'enim. No line and the traffic flows.

16.20 Irtah/ Sha'ar Efraim.
100s of people terrible crowded.
We are told that the last two days have been especially difficult both in the morning and in the afternoon.
After two phone calls to the humanitarian centre and a stubborn call to the administrator of the checkpoint the door of the checkpoint opened and in 12 minutes the line had emptied out. 
As a result of a conversation with the workers at the checkpoint we were told that the checking was very careful because of the visits of the families to the prison.