Deir Sharaf, Jit, Shave Shomron, Mon 1.2.10, Morning

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Niva D., Ronny S. (reporting) trans. Judith Green

No soldiers at the J'at junction.  We decided to check what was happening at the blockage to the village of Sarra, as the "no entrance" sign which was there in the past has disappeared for a while.  We found a dirt and boulder blockage and no way through.  We turned around and came back.  A military jeep stopped us and ask if everything was all right.  We answered that everything was fine, except for the blockage.

A lot of beautiful "termus" flowers on the way.  The "barrels" checkpoint was open, free entrance and no soldiers.  We went in the direction of Shavei Shomron to see what was happening on the road to Jenin.  It is still undergoing repair for another 4 months, and then it will perhaps be open to everyone.

Also on our way back, the "barrels" checkpoint was empty and traffic was going through freely.