Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 16.3.10, Morning

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Ra'aya Y. and Michal Tz. (reports)

Translated by Naomi S.
We begun our shift today at the Tarquomiya CP. Quiet, no particular activity is noticed. It must be due to the closureinfo-icon, enforced a few days earlier.
At the grocery in I'dna we're told the soldiers at the pillbox next to them, the one overlooking the turn to Taquomiya, hardly ever come down. Their rolling checkingpoint is set up about once a week, around noon or afternoon but otherwise, it is quiet there. 
At the entry to Hebron, in the Meromei Mimre neighborhood, construction work proceeds full speed. Two new caravans have been added to the new settlement, on the hill opposite the neighborhood.
To recall – this is where our fellow MW members were attacked by settlers a month ago.
In the city itself, the Shimshon Brigade is still positioned and tension is thick in the air.
Below Beit Hameriva ("the house of contention") a jeep is positioned next to a blockage on the prayers route where a signpost announces: "Giborei Hebron [Heroes of Hebron] Neighborhood".
There's a jeep, a soldier, another security person and opposite, some locals busily constructing something.
"Why are you standing here?" I ask the soldier. "We don't interfere with their business and they don't interfere in ours" he replies.
In the alley, just before curve 160, there's a jeep standing.
At curve 160 itself there are many soldiers next to the pillbox and another jeep.
Around the Patriarchs' Cave many policemen and soldiers as well as…. Tourists!
Tarpat and Tel Rumeidah CPs: many soldiers, sitting and standing.
Suddenly, school children pour onto the streets. It is 10:30am. Odd. "what happened?" we ask. "This is because of El Kud's" they answer: in sympathy with the "Day of Rage" announced by the PA.
On our way back, we meet three women from the Peach Org. and they tell us that settlers have thrown stones in Wadi Hassein, located in-between Hebron and Kiryat Arba. They ask us to find out more details. 
There's a lot of tension in the air and the city feels as if it's on the verge of "explosion".
As we leave, we check what happens at Beit Hameriva once again and indeed, there are news: at the landing right in front of the house, IDF cranes load equipment.
To our query, a soldier retorts: "everything is taken out of here" (i.e., IDF equipment used by Border Police).
We rejoice, but are concerned, too: what will happen to this place now? The lord of political idiocy must have the answer.
As we leave Kiryat Arba a settler's vehicle arrives on route 60 at high speed, with its rear window broken. Many soldiers immediately surround it. We approach to learn what happened.
Apparently, a single stone was thrown and whoever throw it immediately vanished. It's a lone incident, the soldiers tell us. The road is safe for driving…