Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 10.3.10, Afternoon

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Yehudit H., Rachel H. (reporting)

13:20 - 15:00
It is hot and muggy and stuffy.

The view looks the same as it did two weeks ago. The rain during Purim was timely and the Valley is still green. The daisies' yellow is dominant.
We unloaded packages of clothes near the three entrances to the roads leading to the encampments of tents far from the road.

13:30 Tyasir CP
Quotes: "To me it looks like everything is fine when you are here."
"And in general, where you are here, everything goes ahead quickly."
 חסימה לפני הדוקרנים צילום רחל חיות
A plastic roadblock is laid across the road from the west. The cars that arrive are forced to go over to the path that comes in from the east. A taxi driver tells us that this block has been here for several days, but they do not want to ask questions -- so that things won't be worse. "And in general," he says, "when you are here everything goes ahead quickly." The same driver also told us that the CP is supposed to open at four in the morning. According to him, the taxis take people to Jenin who have to reach the Jalameh CP on their way to work in Israel. But the CP is closed. The soldiers see us arriving but they open the CP only at 04:30 or at 05:00 and that is late for the people. Another driver tells us: "To me it looks when you are here - as if everything is fine."

We went ahead toward the post in order to find out about the roadblock. We saw that the block was laid in front of spikes and it is really a bad idea for cars not to pay attention to them. From the soldiers who approached us, we understood that the mechanism for controlling the spikes is out of order and they are stuck and quite threatening. We also understood that from the post that overlooks the road it is possible to lift and lower the spikes as necessary. The soldiers promised us  - as if we are the supervisors of the spikes - that the breakdown will be fixed within the next few days. Every car that arrives at the CP -- goes through. There is almost no waiting. From time to time a military vehicle goes through very fast and continues toward the areas behind the sign that says "Area A", the areas that are forbidden to us. About 45 school children go through the CP, happy to meet us. Within 10 or 15 minutes, all of them went through and continued on their way. We met them later when we were on our way to the Hamra CP and they on their way home to their tent encampments.

14:00 The road is empty and very quiet. When we left in the direction of the Hamra CP we saw a bus with workers coming toward us.

14:25 Hamra CP - a Swinging Compound
 שיפורים במחסום צילום רחל חיותOfficer: "You are not allowed to enter the compound. We  have to set limits - so that there won't be misunderstandings."

The sign that points in the direction of Tubas is not seen from the junction. It is on the ground -- and we guess it was thrown down intentionally, because all the posts of the other signs were reinforced with new concrete (for the fence that is being extended).

The fence around the tower is now completed. The same soldiers are working today in the area of the exit from the inspection pavilion. One of them is cutting, others are soldiering. All the pillars of the fence are already fixed in pits; the posts of the flags saying "Haruv [Brigade] - Great in Small Battles" are fixed firmly. The traffic is moving. There are no delays. The ID inspections of the drivers go on.

The clearing is complete. The uprooted trees and shrubs have disappeared. At the junction traffic of Israeli vehicles is lively in both directions. People emerge from inspection, their belts in their hands, threading them through their trousers as they walk.

15:00 We left.