Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 18.3.10, Morning

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Ora K., Michaela R. (reporting)
Lines longer than usual

Sheik Saed

A line of 10 waiting in the freezing wind and rain. One of them declares: "they sit inside, where it's nice and warm."  And indeed the security personnel stand around in different spots inside the checkpoint, holding cups of coffee, only one of them sitting inside the booth and doing all the checking, the rest drinking their coffee and staring, but not checking.

And the Palestinians?  A tin roof rattling in the wind provides "shelter" from the rain for the two at the front of the line.

Checking was slow.  The magnometer beeped almost incessantly.  One of those crossing held a bag which beeped.  Inside it was a package of coffee.  A package of coffee activates the magnometer?  Can its definitions not be adjusted?


After 6:30 children started to arrive.  Although they did not have to stand in line, they were checked slowly -- opening bags, examining documents, and once in a while a reprimand from the person checking.

7:00 Zeitim Terminal

Many leaving the checkpoint and moving towards the bus-stop.  Inside a crowd of people waiting.