Deir Sharaf, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Mon 15.2.10, Morning

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Irit, Nina S., Ronny S., Translator: Charles K.


08:15     Huwwara checkpointRandom inspections at both the entrance and exit.  Most cars go through without being checked.  There’s a dog handler at the exit, a minibus is pulled over for inspection, passengers have to get out, a quick check, the vehicle drives on five minutes later.We break for coffee and knafeh

 09:30     Tapuach junctionThe parking lot is full of “security" personnel.  A Border Police unit raises a large flag on its booth, regular policeman in another corner, soldiers in a bus halted temporarily, and some dog handlers practicing on Palestinian going by.

:35    A dog handler with a small puppy spends ten minutes inspecting a pickup truck.At the same time, car permits are randomly checked.  Those being inspected are pulled over to the side but from time to time a line of cars still forms, which disappears fairly quickly.

 10:15  Zeita is blocked “as usual,” and Marda is “open.” We drive home via the cross-Shomron crossing which is manned by a private security company.  The guard never heard of MachsomWatch; he inspected our ID’s and the trunk.