'Azzun 'Atma, Thu 25.3.10, Morning

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Esti W. and Naava E.

Translation: Hanna K.

 Azzun Atma06:30 The sleeveinfo-icon is packed with workmen on their way to building at the settlements.
On the road there is a great number of cars – contractors waiting for their workmen.
 The soldiers who guard the CP are not prepared to register the IDs of the people leaving.
But at the computer post there is at the moment just one soldier. The other one probably went for a recess and the queue advances very slowly.
 We talk with the soldiers about the logic of the CP's  presence, but they are convinced of the justice of the system and of the adherence to the purpose. One of the soldiers began telling us about another CP on the other side which was removed but his friend prevented him from continuing and explaining to us which CP he was referring to. Next week there will be a closureinfo-icon and nobody will pass.